Monday, November 28, 2005

Not that I write as much in here as I used to, but when I was writing a lot, one of the themes was love-life. So here's an update.

Since the days of whingeing about how hard it was to meet anyone, some things have changed. First there was Odile, French, 23. That lasted about four or five months before we got tired of each other. She was a spoilt princess. I didn't match up to her last boyfriend, a 45 year old Iranian millionaire.

A little bit of time passed before one weekend there was a fling with a very nice girl called Carmen, Spanish, 26. Unfortunately, she lived 6 hours away. Seeing as I had known her for only 3 days it was unlikely to last. And it didn't.

Isabelle is French, 32. We've known each other for about 18 months or something thereabouts, through work. We first kissed 1 year ago but she got scared and ran off. She apologised and told me that she does that a lot. So we have spent the last year being friends, having lunch. Clubbing on the odd occasion, or going to the beach.

Two weeks ago, we both went to a conference in Lisbon hosted by our company. I was presenting, she was supporting. We spent a good couple of hours sitting next to each other, very close, working on stuff.

Our mutual friend Patrice made a point of embarrasing us, calling us 'les amoureux' and generally stirring it up with the L word. By Friday we were both behaving like nervous teenagers anticipating their first (our second) kiss.

Sunday was the first day we were both back in Toulouse. We met up and went to a very English Salon de The. Things got super flirty and went from there. One week and a day now. Passion and fireworks. Sensitivity and early morning cuddles. Intimate confessions and mutual acceptance. Great stuff.

I just hope she keeps her twitchy feet under control.

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