Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The load gets lighter...
This afternoon I went along to my bank in Blagnac, and sat down with my account 'advisor'. I asked her how much I had left on that loan that has been a real pain in the ass. She gave me figure. It was less than I had in my bank account. Result = no more loan. Yippee!

I got home this evening and looked in my post. There was a collection of flyers advertising pizza and the like, and one letter. It looked a bit special and had definately come from the UK. I opened it up and sure enough, it was from the Student Loans Company. Balance paid in full, account closed. Yippee times two!

Now except for a little bit of credit card that is a piffling piddle in the previous ocean of debt, I am Mr Debt Free of Toulouse. I have to tremendously thank my parents who sorted out that financial operation.

All that debt was largely the result of 1) Drinking beer at university, and 2) Credit card financed consumer consumption. I have learnt my lessons on spending, I can tell you.

Anyway, now for that mortgage ;)

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