Saturday, October 08, 2005

The BBC are reporting that Boy George, 80s musician and general fading star, accidentally invited the New York police to his appartment and got himself arrested for possession of cocaine. Accidentally my ass.

Meanwhile, having organised an press conference to get his point across, Robbie Williams commented on Kate Moss' use of cocaine saying that it was her business and people should leave her alone (poor Kate). Oh yeah, there was a something about his new album and T-Mobile who sponsor him but I'm sure that was incidental.

Personally I prefer the line from Rebecca Cheshire of the Addaction drug treatment centre, who said: "Rock stars and models can afford to go to rehabilitation clinics but the average person cannot. Teenage girls look up to Robbie Williams as a person to emulate and he has not considered the effect of his comments on the wellbeing of his fans."

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