Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cigarettes and Alcohol
So, the BRitish government is changing the laws governing the consumption of both alcohol and cigarettes.

Cigarettes are being banned except for in pubs that don't serve food, and clubs. This is supposed to be a major effort to improve the nation's health.

Meanwhile, alcohol 'licensing-laws', the laws which decide when and where alcohol can be sold, are being extended. This will mean round the clock drinking, and is apparently an attempt to tackle the British binge-drinking culture, replacing it with a more relaxed 'continental' attitute to alcohol.

The cigarette ban obviously seems like a step in the right direction health-wise. Extending the licensing hours is so obviously just going to be like pouring petrol onto a fire.

I guess that when you ban smoking, you are making a big dent in your tax revenues. You have to fill that hole up somehow don't you?

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