Sunday, May 15, 2005

Thomas and Karine
I reckon that a good measure of being established somewhere is when the people you know there start inviting you to their weddings. I was very happy to get an invite to Thomas and Karine's wedding a few weeks back, but hardly imagined what a wonderful day it would be.

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The settings for the ceremonies were very intimate, chosen as they were to be in or around Karine's hometown about 30 minutes outside Toulouse. The sun shining upon the rolling hills of the open countryside, the reddish brown earth of the ploughed fields, just added to the pleasure of the day.

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This was the first wedding I had been to in France, but it's difficult to describe it as French wedding. The pattern was according to the French tradition, with the ceremonies starting at the townhall, going on to the church, and finally for drinks and food at a restaurant to celebrate. The guests however were a real melange of nationalies, Danish, French, Spanish and English and probably a few more that I didn't notice.

The coolest thing was the mix of wedding traditions this brought, including the brilliant Danish 'Cutting Of The Green Socks'. It seems that way back in Danish history, when a guy wanted to declare his love for a girl he did it by wearing green socks. As soon as he and his lady got married, the wedding guests would cut the toes off his green socks so that he couldn't go around chasing any more girls. Of course, that would never be an issue with Thomas, but cutting his socks was a good laugh nonetheless.

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I had a great day, seeing their marriage and meeting all their family and friends. It was really a privilege to have been invited. Watching Thomas and Karine, so obviously sorted and happy, I felt proud to be their friend. Congratulations guys! :)

As for my own love life, I think I shall keep you all in suspense a little longer. Needless to say, I now have one and it is going very well :)

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