Thursday, March 17, 2005

st patrick's day
So I'm blogging early 'cos tonight is gonna be along one. Starting in about an hour I'm off with Oscar to some basque bar for some drinks before we go to band practice for a couple of hours. The Jacqui Chan Band has sorta tentatively let me in their group to do a couple of Travis songs and stuff which is pretty cool. I'm actually sitting here singing right now practicing my line-up and terrifying my neighbours.

Anyway, after that finishes at midnight I'm off for St Patrick's day celebrations at the De Danu pub, where I was last seen looking like a bearded freak.

I asked my boss for the morning off so that I don't have to turn up with a viscious stomach churning and head spinning hangover. "Fine...", he said, " long as you don't mind moving your Annual Interview to the afternoon". Hmmm, maybe this wasn't the best way to start a discussion about the future of my career ;)

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