Sunday, March 20, 2005

Seriously nice hot summeryness around here this weekend. Beers in the beer garden down the pub after work on Friday, and outside cafe's yesterday afternoon, watching the shoppers walking past. Today it was a stroll along the Garonne with Thomas, past the student bongo players wafting their rhythms across the river, and past the scruffy urchins scavving money for beer and to feed their dogs.

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After my fridge got its first clean a few weeks back, my windows got their turn today. With all the brilliant sunshine outside and stuff, I noticed that the quality of light coming through the glass into my front room was more than slightly jaded by a thick layer of street grime and dustyness that has built up over the last two years.

I'm not used to the idea of having to wash your windows. In the UK there was always some bloke that just appeared once a month or so. The Windowcleaner, we called him. He'd just start cleaning the windows, so the first you knew of his presence was usually when his face suddenly appeared at your upstairs window. I bet he always had a story to tell when he went home, if he wasn't so shocked by the things he saw that he fell backwards off his ladder into a pond or onto a privet hedge.

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