Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So I signed up for the BlogXchng webring, which is the brainchild and result of apparently considerable effort by Angela from Miss Sassafrass and Ana whose blog I don't know. I promised Angela I'd give BlogXchng a promotional plug, so here it is. In their own words...

BlogXchng is a free service designed to promote blog readership and community through a WebRing and Email Xchng. The focus is not on site hits or popularity contests but instead on helping readers find blogs that appeal to their own personal interests and life experiences and creating a comfortable atmosphere so that they may join in on the discussion."

And with my best dazzling white smile I can tell you from personal experience that the thing I like about BlogXchng is that as many days a week as you like, it will email you the address of a new blog or two to visit, according to your likes and interests. Since I'm a bit on the lazy side exploring blogland, this is pretty handy.. like being an couch potato blog surfer. Pass me those crisps and a can of beer, new blogs here I come! The flip side is, people come and visit my blog too.

So anyway, off you go and sign up now you bloggers. Chop chop.

And as for Vivi's Great International Secret Blog Exchange, I have to admit I have been a bit slack. I have atleast bought the gift, and to the exact specifications of my correspondent in Canada too. But I haven't sent it yet, mainly due to sleeping on Saturday mornings.

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