Sunday, March 06, 2005

mother's day
French mother's day is on a totally different day to England, which of course means that we don't get reminded about it. Luckily I saw something on the internet which gave me the nudge I needed. I would've been in real trouble if I'd missed it too, since I missed her birthday last week.

I used to be highly cynical about these sorts of things, days of enforced gift giving. But my attitude has mellowed since the days when I was a stroppy teenager. More and more I'm coming to see the importance of making gestures in your relationships, whether they're scheduled or spontaneous.

It's easy to bugger up a relationship if you're not careful. Trouble is, there are so many ways to mess up. Taking without giving, responding with judgement and criticism instead of openness and acceptance, wanting someone to be your idea of what they should be and failing to recognise them for who they are, making people objects in your world rather than conciously making yourself more and more aware of their own world, raising people's expectations when you're not sure you can fulfill them, forgetting to treat people's emotions with respect.

I have been complaining recently about how I feel I've been treated. But I have to be honest and admit that my own behaviour is not exemplary or faultless. I can think of a number of people who I could have treated better over the last few months. I'll have to think of some suitable words or gestures.

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