Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Japanese night
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I started this evening with a Japanese lesson, which I admit I sometimes need to force myself to go to after a day at work. But I do really like submerging myself in the language so I try to make the effort. Tonight I was lucky, and for some reason a group of five university students were brought by at the end of the class for a little bit of 'internationalisation'.

We did the usual polite introductions, and then dived into drinks and nibbles. They were all quite chatty and open, and one guy was particularly informal which is brave for a Japanese in these sort of settings. But it was the guy who announced that one of his hobbies was taking pictures of trains (yes, a real trainspotter!) who was paradoxically the most interesting. We had a good chin-wag about culture, how he thought modern Japanese culture was spiritually void, and how he wanted to live abroad, stuff like that.

Anyway, spurred on by that experience, I finally finished the next installment in my Japan story.

I've had a couple of comments from friends recently. One said that they wanted more personal feelings about stuff. Another said that they wanted less descriptions of buildings. All I can say for the moment is 'trust me'. If you are interested in the story and my personal feelings and experiences, you guys need to know the stuff I am writing about. These are early days and I am scene setting, so that my experiences will make sense. I will only apologise for taking so long to complete an episode ;)

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