Friday, March 25, 2005

it's an outrage
I have had to complain quite strongly. I can't believe the way they're treating me. I am going to be forced out of the King's private jet, with it's gold double bedroom and platinum executive lounge area, and into a first class seat on some disgustingly normal plane belonging to an airline instead. I'll be like, with other normal peasant people and stuff.

For one work reason and another I have to accompany one of the most luxurious and bespoke planes in existence from the country of its owner, who owns the country and the plane, fly to London and then take another plane to Dallas. The whole thing will take a week before I get back to Toulouse. Hopefully I'll get a free moment to visit Southfork Ranch.

This is my first trip like this for work and I'm dead chuffed. Work is going so well at the moment. The change of department back in December has really paid off.

Oh and yeah - I got a letter this week saying that my application to become a Chartered Engineer has been accepted. Although I don't intend to use the letters much, and not that they are of an awful lot of use, it is nice to know that after 10 years I will finally be Mr D FamilyName CEng MRAeS.

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