Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There are days over here, weeks even, where I really wonder how the feck we manage to keep this place running. For a human, living seems to be a permanent exercise in handling mis-communication, mis-perception, people sitting on their asses, egotism and fuck ups.

Monday night I left work to find that the town hall had decided to a build cycle lane outside the front of our corporate headquarters. This road leads only to our front gate, Toulouse airport, and some crumby business hotels. Having never seen a cyclist dragging a suitcase along behind them, the only possible explanation for this that there is some disgruntled resident complaining about the traffic our company generates, whilst simultaneously lapping up the double-digit rise in the value of their house.

Or perhaps the explanation is that the town hall is just bored and have a budget to spend. This might be the case since when driving to work on Tuesday morning I got stuck in a massive traffic jam backed up all the way onto the ring road. When I eventually reached the roadabout leading up to work I found the reason for this horrendous traffic jam - the same dumb ass Town Hall had decided to block half of the other route around to the front gate. This time they were cutting the trees. Apparently an urgent priority that required another diversion.

So after getting into work late, I found a pile of shit had landed on my desk. Actually there is always a pile of shit on my desk since cleaning up other people's shit is my job. But this was different. In the process of cleaning up an elephant size shit heap, some poncey-ass manager in another department had decided to add another cart load. We argued and argued and escalated to the upper eschalons, but still this dood was labouring under a complete illusion and we couldn't convince him of his error. How could we? We were never educated at the elite Ecole Polytechnique, so we couldn't possibilty have a valid point, could we? Grrr. As a result of this guy, we now get the chance to make ourselves look completely and utterly incompetent twice when only once was necessary. And make more work for ourselves while we're at it.

Anyway, as we were arguing over the phone with the hour ticking later and later past the time I was supposed to meet Oscar in town to buy some snowboard equipment, Oscar rang up.

"Sorry mate. Can't make it. Complete madness over here"

"Don't worry Dan. I only rang to say that they won't sell me anything anyway. There are two people in the shop but none of them will take my money. They say the right bloke isn't there."

Ok then. Let him spend his money in another shop.

The good news is that this morning I got to go into work a bit later than normal. Because of the frickin' traffic AGAIN! The jams were even worse than the morning before. And why? The Town Hall had decided to shut off half the road leading up to the roundabout by dumping a higs pile of rubble in it. That's three roads out of four off this roundabout they are mucking about with.

What the fuck do they think they are achieving? People aren't gonna stop driving their cars to work since most people live too far away to ride a bike, or they have to take their kids to school by car before hand. The only result is gonna be an increase in air pollution as all the cars line up for an extra 20 to 30 minutes every day, churning out dust and fumes. And a lot of pissed off citizens experiencing commuter hell where none need have existed.

I tell you, an idea is a dangerous thing if it's put into the brain of a fuckwit.

Checking the length of this post I see my little rant has gone on for quite a while. That's a real shame. Now I won't be able to bore you with all the fuckwitty things I been up to myself recently.

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