Tuesday, February 08, 2005

lost tackle
It's just as well there are two Scots in my office and not two Welsh, or it would have been a hellish scene of gloating yesterday. As it was, I waited until today before the first funny emails came through about England's loss to Wales at rugby at the weekend. Translating from French, it turned out the focus of the story was actually about a rugby fan rather than a match.

Apparently Geoff Huish, a 26 year old reported to have psychological problems, had sworn to his mates that he would cut his bollocks off if Wales won. After the match he went home, got busy a knife, turned up later at the pub wearing a kilt and carrying his dismembered scrotum, then fell over in a pool of blood.

As it turns out this guy was actually Welsh, which some might say explains a lot. But this morning when I read the article the French editor gave the distinct impression that the dood was English. My friend Sandrine, being French, didn't have much to say on the nationality matter so she used the opportunity to demonstrate the idiocy of men. I responded in my best French, saying that the main issue was not his sex but his psychological problems, and that there were plenty of completely mental girls around.

Atleast that's what I would have said if I had written 'filles' (girls) and not 'fils', meaning sons. A bit of an own goal there. You can imagine Sandrine's mirth.

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