Thursday, February 17, 2005

gay penguins
A zoo in Germany has some gay penguins, according to the BBC. Apparently there are six male penguins and four females. Of all the potential couple combinations there could be, it turns out that all the males have paired up and are now sitting on stones in the vain hope of hatching little baby penguins.

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Frauline Kueck from the zoo says that, "We don't know whether the three male pairs are really homosexual or whether they have just bonded because of a shortage of females". I have to admit I share her confusion, since if I was one of those six male penguins I would most certainly bolt from the gay group and get busy making more than my fair share of real eggs. Wouldn't you if your species was in danger of extinction?

Anyway, just to stir it up a bit and see what happens, the zoo has decided to add four more females. So that'll be 8 girls and 6 boys. Sounds to me like if the girls weren't lesbians already, this'll only make it worse. But whatever, apparently some undisclosed 'gay groups' from all over the world have been protesting at this unwarranted intrusion upon the sacred sexuality of those chutney penguins.

I really don't care if a person or a penguin is gay or straight. That's entirely their business. But surely, when you find yourself marching up and down outside a zoo waving a placard and banging on about the rights of gay penguins, and you yourself are not actually a penguin, haven't you got to wonder whether you've got a bit of a Daffyd Thomas type of identity crisis going on?

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