Friday, February 11, 2005

corporate cash-in
You've got to admire the gall of my mobile company, Orange France. This afternoon their whole network went down, which caused havoc with my lunch plans. My friends were supposed to be at the work restaurant but were late and trying to call to let me know to go ahead. Meanwhile there's my stomach grumbling louder than all the old and grumpy bushy moustached French blokes do when we get a new software tool or management directive.

Eventually of course, we all met up and ate, had our free expressos and went back to work. It was while I was back behind my desk that my mobile started working again. I realised it was working again when it buzzed and beeped to let me know I'd got a text. It turned out that it was Orange themselves.

Seeing as the network had been dead for a couple of hours, I expected to open it and get a 'sincere apologies to our customers' type of thing. But the message I got went like this:

Want to meet new people or have friendly conversation on Saint Valentine's day. QUICK! Dial CHAT with your mobile (0.34 euros per min plus contractual charges).

What a lot of cheek these people have. I especially love that 'QUICK!' bit.

Fortunately, my sense of self worth depends upon much more than whether I have someone that I can call a girlfriend, whether someone else is there to tell me they love me, or whether I can boast to the boys about how I got laid last night. So the 14th should pass as any normal day. I'm not sending any Valentines, and am not going to be pining away beside the post-box to see if I receive any.

Not that I've got anything against the idea of Valentine's Day, that is. If there was any particular person around that I had a connection with, it would be an excuse to do something extra romantic and extravagantly exciting. You know, like getting a video and some pizzas and staying in. All the restaurants around here have got soooo boring.

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