Thursday, February 17, 2005

congratulations nick and holly
The air was as icy as the Frosty the Snowman eating a glacier sandwich on the peak of Mount Everest this morning. As I wandered along my street and out past the river I noticed that it was so cold that individual snowflakes seemed to be just appearing out of thin air, like they were being teleported from another dimension. You must think this sounds a bit stupid, but I swear, there was only one snowflake every 5 metres or so, and certainly there was no flurry of snow falling from above.

Anyway, I don't know whether it's the temperature or other things which have given me this headache. My brain now feels like it had been picked up and rolled out flat by three legged midgets who are now getting busy poking its taught surface with spiky pitchforks. That's why it's great to get some good news.

My oldest mate in the world Nick emailed me this afternoon to say that he and his brilliant girlfriend Holly got engaged on Valentine's Day whilst on a little trip to Barcelona. The two of them are really uncannily suited, and they clearly and genuinely care about each other, so it's a relief to see two people making some good decisions in their lives. Congratulations, my friend! Looking forward to being your best man :)

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