Thursday, February 03, 2005

bah... smeg!
Well that'll teach me for complaining about the powers that be around here. I got home yesterday to find a letter in my post box in a very official looking envelope, all stamped with the markings of the Haute Garonne authorities. You don't get a letter like that just for them to wish you a belated Happy New Year, so it was clear that every millimetre of paper ripped open to reveal the dreaded contents was taking a me little closer some horrible news.

At first I wondered whether it was those two unpaid parking tickets from the summer. But no.

When I noticed the word 'impots', I thought they may've been sending me a demand for unpaid taxes. Since I paid them all up in September I was comfortable with this option, and nearly even had a moment of gallic indignation. But unfortunately for me, steeped in my cultivated ignorance of the French tax system, it turns out I have to pay up over a 1000 euros. Within 2 weeks.

If you live around these parts, you might catch me walking back along the canal one morning, limping painfully, clutching my bruised buttocks and dressed in black leather and chains.

Oh the shame.

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