Saturday, January 22, 2005

Blog reorganisation
Ok people, I guess you may have noticed that I am sort of writing a story. But I reckon this isn't quite the place to do it, 'cos its gonna go on for quite a bit and I'm sure that would bore you silly. I'm determined to do it though, since there is a damn good story bursting out of the last 6 years from Japan until now, and as far I am concerned it is one of the two potential paytickets I am playing with to achieve financial and lifestyle liberation. This feels like the year I get lucky.

So, if you are interested, I am going to be putting the draft down on the net at the blog I have created for the purpose, Tokyo Turbocharge.

When I say that it is a draft, I mean just that. It's a place where I can put words down and try to build up the ideas and themes. I may create another blog with an edited version that reflects the growth of the novel in my mind. The words will undoubtedly get cut and pasted all over the place, and whole new sections and styles added.

I would be very interested to have your comments on the content of whatever I write, how it reads, how the imagery works in your mind, what mood it creates in you, and anything else you feel like saying.

And as for this blog, you should be getting much more culture related content from now on, and less stuff about snowboarding and general life, unless you beg me to bore you with endless stories about airplanes, working, parties and snowboarding trips and stuff. Cheers :))

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