Thursday, December 16, 2004

the world's biggest status symbol
Life does on the whole feel very fortunate these days. If you've ever had the feeling that your current life is somehow a shadow of the one you could be having, then you might be able to imagine how it would feel to get some light shined on in there, busting those shadows.

Apart from the contents of my last two pasts, my professional life has taken a big upswing. I've said before that I'm not a big career builder. The reason I have a profession is to bring something out in me. After some years in the doldrums, I am suddenly having a flourish where energy, quality and decisiveness are back in the game.

Just to add a little extra passion, we got some pictures through today of the prototype of our new aircraft type rolling off the production line. Take a look at this absolute monster.

Can you believe the size of that thing?! Its wings are so unbelievably wide they just stretch and stretch until they're out of the picture. It's scheduled to fly within four months. Hopefully we'll all be invited to be on the airfield to watch it.

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