Thursday, December 09, 2004

toulouse morning
So I mentioned that my car has broken down. I haven't got it fixed yet, and one of the reasons is that I am actually really enjoying taking the bus into work. The number 66 leaves from St Cyprien - a ten minute walk across the river.

I love meeting Toulouse like this in the morning. There is always a darkened hazy light settled over the river, blanching the distant buildings, threatening to keep people in their warm beds. But not those who I pass, dressed up in their long coats and scarves, walking briskly into town to sit with coffees and pens in their papery offices.

By the bus stop I can grab a quick Pain au Chocolat, and watch the world in their cars pass by the St Cyprien fruit and veg market. Fortunately the ride is rarely boring because there's either a friend from work to chat to on the bus, or the free Metro newspaper to read.

But there is another reason why I haven't fixed my car.

I am getting, for free, a camper van. Complete with double bed and kitchen facility. I am so so so happy about that. I go away out of town a lot, especially with snowboarding, and now it's gonna be dirt cheap.

Summer's gonna be fantastic. I fancy three weeks driving around Italy with that someone I'm crazy about, stopping near camp sites and sneaking in in the early morning to illicitly use their showers.

I love living here.

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