Sunday, December 05, 2004

snow and singing
Bit of a varied weekend this one. Friday night was a party organised by my Spanish friends for about 200 people. The place was packed, and there was whiskey everywhere. The highlight of the night, or atleast the bit I can remember, was the debut performance in public of The Jacqui Chan Band. Here they are.

I would write more except that my memory is a bit vague after they left the stage. I know I came home in a bad mood though, hence the rather short post from Saturday morning. Maybe it was the whiskey. Anyway, having the mother of all hangovers, I stayed in bed until 6pm yesterday, and then went to Tanya's for some food.

Today I got up and actually did something. My first day on the slopes this season, was a major success. The sun was out, the snow was fresh and powdery. I was burning it up and doing the odd 180, although they were pretty rusty I have to admit. Here's a picture of Si trying to spray me with snow.

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