Wednesday, December 01, 2004

revamping the union jack
I noticed on the Little Britain link I followed from Chinkel's website the other day that they had a competition to design a new flag for Britain. There are some pretty good designs in there. I especially like the Full English one. So good it's making me hungry. The All New Characterless Britain was also quite amusing in a cynical way.

I thought this competition was quite a good idea but unfortunately it had finished by the time I found it, so I decided to make an entry anyway and post it up here instead.

Looking at all the flags of the world I actually do quite like the way all the lines are arranged. I mean, please indulge me and forgive any offence, but the French flag and the German flag and the Italian flag and the Irish flag, and loads of other flags, are just a boring arrangement of three different coloured lines. Then there's a whole fiesta of flags that are just different coloured versions of the cross on a background theme.

Yup, as far as I am concerned, the arrangement of lines is a plus and it can stay. Not only does it look good, make the flag distinct amongst its friends the other flags of the world, but there are also some historical reasons for that form which it would be appropriate to respect. The only thing I could really change then, was the colours.

I had a little fiddle around and came up with this.

I quite like that, me. Not only is it the colour of all the lovely grass we have over in blighty, the green is also 'British Racing Green' and so evokes memories of classic Jaguars and other cultural motoring icons.

If that wasn't good enough reason, I can think of two other benefits from changing the red bits. One, because the St George Cross is now associated only with football. Two, because it's not the Scottish bit, so they can't complain ;)

What do you reckon? Shall we go for it? Non Brits, don't you think it would suit us better than that old red, white and blue thing?

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