Monday, December 06, 2004

Reading ViVi's post today persuaded me to write about my mate Nick. I was mulling over the idea of posting about him because he was in my dreams last night.

In this dream, we were outside our houses in the road we grew up on and where our parents still live. I was looking towards the road when suddenly a group of dancing showpeople popped up all dressed in glittery costumes, performing "You're the one that I want" from Grease, of all things. If that doesn't sound strange enough, Nick was dressed in a tight blue lycra outfit.

Before you start accusing me of anything Thomas, Nick's girlfriend Holly was also in the performance ;)

Since we were born only two doors away from each other and 6 months apart, I have known Nick longer than I have known my own sister, Hannah. Nick was my pal for adventures out on the fields building camps and tree houses, and on the railway lines looking for and hiding from trains, and building dams in rivers and running away from angry cows. Like you do.

I'm definately very lucky to still have Nick as a friend. I see him quite regularly since London is only 1.5 hours and 60 euros away from Toulouse by plane. We went on holiday together this summer to Sri Lanka and Qatar where we had a great time, with not even the slighest hint of a disagreement on the itinerary. Cheers to Nick! :)

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