Thursday, December 02, 2004

fill 'er up
Everything's been braking recently. Last night I walked out of my Braking Systems team office and jumped into my car only to find half way through the trip home that the brakes themselves had broken. Fun!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee along the circular up behind some weavy traffic narrowly escaping death, smoke pouring from left hand side as some seriously screechy differential braking action goes on with my left foot touching the floor pushing out the last drop of brake fluid from a gaping hole somewhere in the system onto the now slippery roads of Toulouse. Pant pant, sweat sweat, heart a thump a thump. Slooooow slooow slow down, breath, breath calmly. Use emergency handbrake braking technique.

Needless to say I was catching the bus in this morning. And I was so glad that my car decided to choose this week to give it up. And that the bus drivers chose this week to go on strike. Oh yes, so glad.

Anyway, I've had enough of brakes breaking, and not braking. That's why this morning I walked into a new office and started the first full day on my new job. My official job title is now 'Aircraft Fuel Systems Engineer'. That's the bits like the fuel tanks and the automatic centre of gravity control and stuff. I know that sounds boring but actually it isn't. You believe me right?

My new team consists of two Scots, two English including me, one Italian, a Moroccan, a French, a Spaniard and a German. Smart :)

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