Thursday, December 23, 2004

bonnes fetes mes amis

Ahhh... I am sitting here this afternoon, stuffed after a big lunch with Sara, just whiling away the last few hours until I head back to Blighty. Everybody is leaving here and there's a buzz of happy laziness in the air as the Spanish and the Germans and the French all wind down in their own Christmassy ways.

The Spanish are hopping into shared cars to head off to Madrid or Barcelona. Many of the French are driving too, some as much as 9 hours North to Alsace. Many of the Germans are taking the company shuttle to fly off to Hamburg. Me, I'm flying off too, with easyJet to Gatwick. Then it's the train. The whole thing costs only 60 quid and takes 3 hours, assuming no annoying easyJet delays.

I was out last night with some friends saying goodbye. After that I wandered through town and it seems that there are some desperate people out there, trying to get money to buy presents. Three lads came up to me and tried to persuade me to practice a football tackle. It was a totally blatant ruse to grab my wallet out of my pocket and I told them in a cheery Christmas way to feck off.

Knowing Toulouse girls, I'm not surprised these boys were feeling the need to get some money together. Fabien from my Japanese class and I were complaining last night about how materialistic the girls are around here. I'm pretty sure that if you didn't present your Toulousain girlfriend with anything short of a diamond ring you'd be out the door and in the cold as soon as all the family obligations were complete.

As for me, I have few obligations this year. Just a relaxing time with the folks, then my 30th birthday on the 26th including a piss up on the streets of my childhood in Eastbourne with my old mates, no doubt bumping into some random faces from school. New Year Aymen and I are gonna spend in Tokyo with Ralph and Chika and Jerry, and maybe my ex Tomomi, although I'm sure how I feel about that one. But whatever, I can hardly complain can I? New Year's in Tokyo - what a tough life ;)

Finally there will be a little road trip back to France from the UK around the middle of Jan, taking the ferry across the channel with my newly acquired camper van. Yeehay ;))

Happy Christmas, Felix Navidad, Joyeaux Noel to all my blogland friends!

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