Monday, November 01, 2004


The good news this weekend is that the snow is not just coming, it has arrived, and I have been walking in it. On Friday night eight of us drove up to an appartment we had rented for the long weekend in Vielha, Catalunya.

There was no special reason for going other than it was a long weekend and we thought we should get out of town. Plus, Sara, Oscar, Noemi and Jorge being Spanish they fancied getting back home. I was the only one who didn't speak Spanish, so you can imagine that I spent a good deal of the time with a puzzled expression on my face.

We basically took it very easy. There was a fair bit of lounging around the appartment drinking, smoking and singing. Jorge was playing his guitar and we terrified the neighbours with a lot of English songs like Travis, Robbie, Radiohead and stuff. It was really good to sing. I haven't had the chance to do it much since I left Japan and Karaoke behind over 4 years ago.

As far as Spanish music goes, I got introduced to Chambao, who are great - sort of flamenco chill out with Spanish vocals, which always sounds exotic.

We did a couple of hikes, one on Saturday in the sunshine, and one today in the snow. Whenever I am in the mountains I become very peaceful, and just gaze at the white mountains, splashed as they were with autumn leaves and red berries. Or maybe it's because I need to get more exercise that I didn't feel like talking very much ;)

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