Friday, November 19, 2004

the start of the surf season
They say every cloud has a silver lining and around here it that is certainly the case. We've had some pretty bad weather recently, but atleast this means that the Pyrenees have had a ton of snow dumped on them. See all that fresh white powder!

Apparently Ax Bonascre will open tomorrow which has got to be the earliest start to the season I have ever seen. Ok, I've only seen 4 seasons here but still, snowboarding before the end of November is quite impressive.

I won't be going this weekend however, since my Aussie friend Gav is coming over with his wife Yoko. This means I get a bit more time to figure out how I am going to pay for my holiday in Japan over Christmas and a new snowboard complete with boots and bindings.

Hmmm... I do like this Hammer Private. At the end of last season I gave it a test drive and spent a happy couple of hours scaring myself shitless going stupid fast. Now if I can just find that credit card...

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