Monday, November 08, 2004

recently I have mostly been... England (again), so I haven't had a chance to blog. I have been busy gathering stuff to post though.

Noemi left on Thursday to go back to Madrid, and we spent the evening down some Basque style bar eating tapas and drinking sangria until 3 in the morning. I said Noemi has left, but this is about the 5th time she has left since I have been there. When you coming back Noes?

After leaving work and going to watch the 'Jacqui Chan Band' practicing a few songs in a dingy hole out by Jolimont, Friday night was spent at Tanyas. Larry had come over from London to see her and so we went around for a curry, and stayed. I apparently turned green around 4 in the morning after one last cigarette, and then decided I would be wise to stumble my way back home. I still managed to be up for sausages beans and mash in the morning though.

I arrived back in the UK on Saturday night and haven't been doing too much apart from sleeping, eating and reading. Tonight I put my 4 year old neice to bed. We had a cool conversation just before she dropped off.

"Uncle Daniel, do you like cuddly toys?"

"Not really Alex. I'm 29 and a boy. Boys don't like cuddly things very much. We prefer toys that are gadgets like digital cameras, computers or cars."

A quizzical look came over her face as she digested this response, and then she said, "But computers don't talk do they".

To which my sci-fi brain said "Well, not yet no. But one day I expect your computer will ask you things about what you want to do, and you'll tell it what to do."

"Don't be silly Uncle Daniel, computers aren't magic."

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