Friday, November 12, 2004

entente cordiale
Take a quick look at this list of wars between England and France. Apparently, since Guillaume conquered England at Hastings in 1066, there have been no less than 28 separate wars. How crazy is that?

Given the choice between blowing each other up or not blowing each other up, I freely admit that I am glad we live in an age where we are learning how to achieve European co-operation. Today I read in the Guardian that the 2007 Tour de France is likely to start in London, and not in France at all. Cool.

Taking the theme of international co-operation a bit further, whilst I was looking for images to include on this post I came across the one below, with the American Trek team winning the TDF in 2001, with Lance Armstrong in the 'maillot jaune'.

I guess the surrender monkeys are good for something then, even if it is just organising nice bike rides. Looks to me like with all the wars that they had with the English and stuff, they just got plain tired of fighting and instead took up nice friendly healthy pursuits that don't involve killing.

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