Friday, November 19, 2004

beaujolais nouveau
Our neighbourhood tramp was apparently a bit pissed off with people stealing his gig last night, since when I bumped into him in the epicerie he was buying not a bottle of wine, but a bottle of coke. He said he didn't fancy drinking that evening, which was quite amusing considering that the whole of France was spending the night on the streets knocking back the wine.

Far be it for me to pass comment on the quality of any wine, I'm certainly no expert, but the French themselves tell me that the Beaujolais nouveau festival is basically a piss up organised for the purpose of offloading a sea of otherwise unsellable wine.

Certainly I'd say that last night's offerings were a little sharp. Not very good for the head either, if drunk in the quantities I drank it in. Although I did actually get out of bed around the normal time, by the time I had finished stumbling still drunk around my bathroom, I had decided it might be wise to take a half day holiday.


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