Sunday, September 26, 2004

Toulouse calling
It has been a photo weekend this weekend. Last night there were loads of cool lasers shining into the sky down at the river for Le Printemps De Septembre, so I suggested to Thomas we take some pictures to decorate our blogs with.

Unfortunately the lasers were off tonight, but there was still a lot of other great stuff. I tell ya, that tripod I bought yesterday is pretty handy for stopping all the shaking coming from my hangover hands ;)

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Thomas has been blogging for quite a while, and works in IT. He is a wealth of useful knowledge about excellent free stuff you can do on the internet.

This weekend he introduced me to Skype, a free downloadable software you can use to call people over the internet. If you fancy a chat, get yourself Skype and just call me up. You can easily find me in the directory - I am the only the only 'glacons' in the world.

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