Monday, September 06, 2004

september's spring

Summer season starts to swing past again, although the leaves still cling to the trees and hold their green. Here, today, the colours of change are found draped over the dusty bricks in shades of violet and red, seen shining from the street lights in blues that melt into the gritty urban black of the night sky.

Before I had a chance to regret the passing of late evening light and warm nights spent laughing with friends at pavement cafés, Toulouse has taken my hand and pulled me forward through the low moods, forced upon me her pleasing conception of seasonal change.

The printemps de septembre is bathing this city in calm lights, arts and creativity, mixing spring's hope into our turn toward winter. My mind is contentedly moving away, shifting towards the adrenaline pleasures that will come in the crisp white heaven of pyrenées dusted with new snows.

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