Wednesday, September 01, 2004

la rentrée
There's a clear change of pace happening around here these days. The summer slackness has started to dissipate and everything is falling in front of me in greater and greater volumes.

The whole of France has come home in a swarm from their holidays this week for the start of school, and the place is packed.

When I pick my car up from along the leafy river in the morning and drive beside the canal, I no longer have quiet roads and short queues. These have been replaced by a dark cloud of traffic jostling for lanes between all the great big dumper trucks which are stopped at the side of road, carrying stuff for filling in the holes that didn't get fixed before the summer started.

When I get to work all the best parking spaces have already been taken, and when I walk into the canteen the hungry are there in their hoards, forming lines even longer than those I waited in with my car. My inbox has started buzzing again with people demanding information, looking for answers.

The weird thing is that this increase in daytime chaos usually means a decrease in evening and weekend chaos, ie not so much going out or away.

Until the snowboarding starts, that is.

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