Sunday, September 05, 2004

What a lovely weekend of living it up I have had. I've been indulging in pure luxury all over the place, starting on Friday night with a curry with Sandrine & Thomas at The Taj, the best indian in town down on rue Peyrolierès.

Saturday of course I got up late, and then trotted off into town with Fabien to eat some great veggie food at Le Faim des Haricots. The utter deliciousness of their buffet is beyond description. And only 9 euros for the whole 3 courses. Fantastic.

After that we went off to Fnac where I bought a lovely shiny laptop on which I am now tapping, plugged into my neighbour's wireless network. Merci Caroline ; )

Although it is a bit sad, I have to admit that I stayed in last night and played with my new toy. Today I bascially lounged about in bed until 2pm when I got called by work to go and sort out a couple of airlines.

Having earnt a bit of extra cash, I felt ready to indulge myself some more by going down to Le Bistro de la Daurade with Holger for another 3 course special of salad, steak and Crème Brulée. After taking a two hour nap that is.

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