Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I like it when a plan comes together
So no sooner had I stepped into the office this morning than I was summoned to see my department head. Apparently it didn't take him to the end of the month to decide that he was fine with me moving across to a new team. Great news for me. I went to speak to Chris who will be my new boss, and we had a good yap about the team, the work and the future... and the travel opportunities :)

I genuinely feel quite relieved now this step is in the pipeline. I hate being somewhere that's getting stale. It's part of my fidgety nature.

So following this watershed day at work, I got changed and went off to my first Japanese Language class. I am trying to brush my level up some before popping over to Tokyo at Christmas to see all my friends. After a bit of use today all I can say is that it seriously needs some brushing up.

I am always impressed by the huge variety of different stuff that you can do in Toulouse if you can be bothered to get up off your ass and join a club or a class in something. This September everybody is starting something.

Tanya and Sara are doing Salsa and Belly Dancing, which is great because it's always enjoyable to watch those two practicing ;)

Oscar is doing some brilliant mongrel activity, a cross breed between kick boxing and break dancing. He limped into Tanya's flat last night after his second lesson, obviously in a state of pain.

Then Simone and I are gonna take some art lessons from Dana, an American girl building a life over here for herself, who has got a show on from tomorrow that I'll go and see.

Jacqui and Oscar are putting a band together with Jorge and some others. I managed to call her tonight when she was in the zone during practice, and got a very blunt response.

Finally Sara and I are wanting to take up some Amateur Dramatics, and might actually get around to doing it if we can find the money and time imbetween all the other stuff.

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