Thursday, September 02, 2004

avoid monday, tuesday & wednesday
Our charming trainee Odile send this French cartoon out yesterday.

Does this really means that I have another 11 years of feeling like shit from Monday to Wednesday? It seems accurate so far this week. On Monday I felt like complete cack, and only started picking up about midnight last night. Today I am definately on the up.

In tune with my mood, I've managed to convince a gang to go out to La Maison by telling them that it's a traditional British custom to go out to have a couple of drinks on Thursday nights.

I told them that the custom was started back in the days of Queen Elizabeth 1, around 1600 or thereabouts, when Sir Walter Raleigh fancied having a few beers before he sailed off on the Friday to conquer the new world.

Obviously they didn't need much persuading.

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