Tuesday, August 17, 2004

les fourrières
The mystery is solved. My car has been found. Down the municipal pound.

Apparently the police had dragged it away on the 11th August, citing the fact that it was illegally parked. It was only parked on a pedestrian crossing for Christ’s sake – what’s their problem! ;o)

I had to cough up over 100 euros to get the thing out again, and I still have to pay 70 euros for the two tickets I got. Feck! Just what I need with several thousand euros in taxes to pay next month.

There must be some of you out there thinking, well what do you expect?. In my defence I can only tell you that parking in Toulouse is quite special.

Being parked on a crossing is good parking by Toulouse standards.

Most evenings you can find cars parked nose to nose in the middle of the roads, or sideways onto the pavements, or boot out into junctions. I’ve even seen people drive big old 4x4s into town and park them on traffic islands with curbs 5 inches high!

The proof of the permissibility of parking here is that it took the police about 12 days before towing me. Good to have an indication of how long I can get away with being dodgily parked, I suppose!

Must say a very big thankyou to Jacqui who kindly drove me about between the police station, work and home trying to sort the mess out. Cheers JC :o)

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