Friday, August 27, 2004

bon weekend
Well this has been a happy day.

Firstly, a group of MPs have written a report outlining Tony Blair's deceit over Iraq, and are gonna start proceedings to impeach him!

Apparently this group of rightfully disgruntled Scots and Welsh have resurrected some old parliamentary procedure for sorting out dodgy lying scumbag ministers. The last time it was used was 150 years ago.

After he managed to wriggle his ass out having anything pinned on it in all the other enquiries we've had, I well and truly hope he gets it straight up the jacksy.

The other reason this is a good day is 'cos it's friday, and I have a fun packed weekend ahead of me!

Tonight I'm off with Tanya, Sara and Oscar to play the bongos by the river, to eat barbecue and see stunning African dancing. Saturday I will probably fork out for a laptop, so that I can blog properly and in the comfort of my own home. Sunday I'm going bike riding out in the countryside with Holger, Jacqui and Daniella.

See you on Monday!

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