Monday, August 16, 2004

Today is a grumpy day, that’s for sure.

I flew back into Toulouse last night, arriving delayed about 10pm after my third flight in 4 days. Although I spent my whole holiday haggling over prices with taxi drivers in both Sri Lanka and Qatar, I still managed to get ripped off by the bastard taxi driver on my way home.

Ah well never mind, I thought, atleast I’m home safely and I’ve got my bags and everything.

In this weary but positive frame of mind, I dragged my ruck-sacked body up the street and the three flights of stairs to my apartment door. My head remained tired but lost its cheeriness when, trying to open my front door, I found that it was unlocked.

Imagine – my flat open to all potential burglars for more than 2 whole weeks! Can I have really gone on holiday without locking my door?!

Naturally, I expected to find that the whole place had been cleaned out. Fortunately though, not all people in Toulouse are as dodgy as the airport taxi drivers. Everything was exactly as I had left it. Phew!

Reassured, I put on some music, unpacked and stuck my stinky washing in the machine. Settling down into my bed was a serious pleasure, being reacquainted with my own familiar feather pillows and my own familiar queen size duvet.

I got up well rested this morning, ironing that first crumpled work shirt, polishing my dusty work shoes and trying my hardest not to be too much of a miserable git. It was nice to wander out of the flat and back into my home streets, along the river, and into a Boulangerie for a breakfast chocolatine.

The effect of these little pleasures on my good mood was seriously reduced though, when I couldn’t find my car in the space I am sure I left it in. :o/

Who knows, maybe I left it somewhere else. I shall be searching the streets later, after catching up with my good friend Jacqui. Meanwhile, I’m slowly training my mind to think about work again.

It’s not easy. I have a hundred different ideas spinning about after the last two weeks. Give me a few days and I might manage to get some of them out of my head and into this blog.

For those of you that read this far, I know there is a problem with the markup on this blog. I haven't got a clue what to do about it however! If anybody has any ideas, please comment.

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