Tuesday, July 20, 2004

sticky yuk
Humidity is an annoying thing. It's extra annoying because it is hard to do anything about it.

Some annoying things can be got rid of very easily, like those stringy white bits that taste disgustingly sour on a banana. Some annoying things can be ignored and forgotten, like a scratch on your car. Some annoying things can be a source of great amusement, like lying scumbag dumbass politicians. But humidity, when it arrives, is here to stay.

It sneeks in through the windows and the tiny gaps in the walls. It spins around in revolving doors, clinging to the glass. It seeks you out like a mosquito and surrounds you entirely before wriggling like a leech to its favourite place between your skin and your shirt. Once there it magically changes from a subtle density in the air to a type of weak oily glue, leaving you in a permanent state of stickiness. And when you eventually do have a refreshing shower, it's right there watching you, waiting for its moment to strike and slap itself back onto you.

So I am sure that you have guessed that today is a sticky day. My face is sticky and my hands are sticky. My shirt feels sticky on my back, my socks feel sticky on my feet, and, well... you don't want to know what else feels sticky.

Still, rain is an annoying thing too. Looking at the weather forecast for England over the next week, I reckon I can suffer this humidity a bit longer ;o)

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