Sunday, July 11, 2004

So much for the beach
There was a plan to go the beach today but the weather put paid to that. So I slept all afternoon instead, and then went out and ate a kebab before heading off to the cinema to watch a film about junkfood,'Super Size Me'. As it turns out, I had read the french listings completely wrong and was a whole day early.

Seems to be a cinema weekend this one since I went out with JC and HK last night to watch Fahrenheit911. Mr Moore chose some lovely clips of various messed up leaders revealing their selfish logic.

My favourite one was Bush in front of the camera haranging the entire world to join the fight against terrorism, trying so hard to sound like a real leader, a man of purpose. No sooner had he finished his important speech about how to save the world, he gave us a good picture of the seriousness of his belief by saying 'now watch this swing' and walking off to give a chance to admire his golf strokes!

Other than that, I thought that it was a bit strange that the UK wasn't mentioned as part of the 'Coalition of the Willing'. I mean, I don't mind if we erase the miserable episode of domination and bullshit from the UKs history, but it just made the film look a bit flimsy with the facts.

After the film, JC went home since she wasn't in the mood to drink beers like a good little consumer. I found TB and SGD at Bar Basque, drank a demi, and topped the evening off with videos of SGD and the European Space Agency students flying around like astronauts in zero gravity conditions in a modified Airbus A300. Lucky cow!

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