Thursday, July 29, 2004

i'm outta here!
I've been walking around with a real spring in my step today, getting on everybody's nerves, being too happy. But who can blame me - I'm off on holiday.

My mate Nick and I have had this trip to Sri Lanka planned for months.

We were gonna go to India but we decided that we'd want to see it all. Since it's not a small country though, we were pretty sure that we'd never manage to get all the necessary months off work or fortunes of cash together. One day, one day.

Sri Lanka seems like a perfect option anyway. Beaches, diving, ancient ruins, rainforest and jungles, supposedly friendly people. And curry!

Beef curry, lamb curry, chicken curry, vegetable curry. Mild curry, medium curry, hot curry, burn-your-mouth-off curry. Curry with rice, curry with naan, curry and samosas... It's gonna be heaven but with better food.

My friends over here have been trying to scare me for months about the trouble there is in the north of the island. I've been scoffing at them for being such a bunch of cowards, but I thought I'd check the news reports today anyway.

Apparently a cease-fire agreement was signed between the Government and the Tamils in Feb 2002. There has been no trouble for ages.

Except for one bomb this month.

But it's alright though, because the UK Foreign Office says that tourists should be fine as long as they stay away from the North East.

Like, where I am going diving!

If you don't see any posts within three weeks, expect the worst ;o)

Thanks to Loki for kind recommendations.

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