Thursday, July 15, 2004

Another happy customer
After spending the day doing almost nothing I got an emergency call to sort out a customer in need. Took me just one hour, which is a personal record. Without the little piece of signed paper I sent the guy in Spain, about 150 of his customers would have been stuck in an airport.

I like imagining all the people whose lives have progressed smoothly today, whilst just behind the scenes of their holiday adventures there was a monstrous delay waiting to happen.

They would all have been waiting happily in the lounge, reading their newspapers and drinking their duty free whiskey, and then suddenly the loudspeaker would announce, Ladies and Gentlemen.. we are sorry to announce that Flight 762 to Alicante will be delayed.. This has been caused by a small technical issue.

Men and women alike would throw their hands in the air and gesticulate in disgust. Some of them would gather around the airport staff like a lynch mob, demanding information and action, compensation for wasted time, toys for the kids to stop them shrieking and lumps of chorizo and slices of jamon to stop stomachs from growling.

But no. No problem. Life proceeded calmly to plan.
Boarding was announced on time. People got up from their seats and jostled into a queue. The English complained that people were pushing in. Tickets were checked, gangways walked down, seats sat on, and finally happy people lifted freely into the sunny evening skies where they could look out over Spain's sandy south, and perhaps beyond to exotic Morocco.

Happy holidays, mystery tourists :o)

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