Thursday, July 01, 2004

about this blog
I guess the first thing to get straight about this blog is why it is called Glacons. Any French dictionary will tell you that 'glacons' means 'icecubes' in French, which is the language people speak around here in Toulouse. But what have icecubes got to do with anything?

Well firstly I spend a lot of time out having fun with friends. Glacons seem like a pretty spot on symbol for all this simple pleasure. But there is another reason I chose the name Glacons, and that is to do with the way I look at life.

The way I see it, each of us is constantly being tripped up by our subconcious: sent spinning over by our endless reams of conditioned assumptions, and challenged daily to admit to ourselves that we hardly know anything about life here in these ageing bodies or in this mysterious universe.

The image of an icecube represents all this unknown, and especially the unknown within our own selves. The bit of ourselves we see is just the fractional aspect visible at the surface of our senses. Unless we keep looking, of course.

So the purpose of this blog, aside from recording the surface of my life, is to try to figure out the shape of the submerged. If you like, you're welcome to watch as I keep looking. Although I warn you that I will no doubt be talking a lot of bollocks on the way.

I have seen some of those blogs with links to "disclaimers" giving you instructions for what you're allowed to do or not to when reading or commenting. Seems like a pretty moody type of approach to me.

I don't put stuff up I think will compromise me or to which I am not open to hear different perspectives, so feel free to comment however you wish, if you wish.


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